My PlayStation Collection

I'm pretty green to the whole console gaming thing. About a year ago, though, I got a PlayStation and a few games and I've been working on a collection for it. It's not that great, I'm working on it.

I like the console a lot, though, and the new Dualshocks just make it even better. If you're curious what I got, here you go. Orange rows are my favorites of the lot.

Name Genre Year Played?
Crash Bandicoot Platformer 1996 Partially
Apparently Sony's mascot, along with Spyro. It's a fun game and pretty visually appealing too, but I'm not too big a fan of the over the shoulder view, or the sidescrolling view for that matter.
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back Platformer 1997 No
Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped Platformer 1998 No
Gran Turismo Racing 1998 Yes
I've never been huge on racing games, but Gran Turismo really lets you get in-depth with your cars, and it all makes a huge difference in how they handle. A lot of fun, especially when you take your souped-up cars into Arcade mode. Soundtrack is awesome too, it's got Ash and Garbage on it. Definitely recommended.
Madden 98 Sports 1997 Yes
Very smooth football action for when I wanna play a sports game (which is generally never). Can't say it isn't pretty good, though.
Namcomuseum Vol 1 Arcade 1995 Yes
The games are cool (Pac-Man, Galaga, Rally-X, to name a few), but the museum is what makes it worth it. You can walk through and look at flyers, sprite sheets, and manuals, and the game rooms are all crazy detailed after the game they're based on. If this is where virtual reality's going in the future, I can't wait.
The Raiden Project SHMUP 1995 Yes
I'm admittedly not very familiar with the Raiden games, but if you can find this one (I have the longbox!), it's really satisfying overhead shooting stuff. It feels more American-y than most shooters I play, though—maybe it's the military theme.
Rayman Platformer 1995 Partially
Rayman's like this alien dude with floating limbs, and you start in the jungle and work your way out to defeat Mr. Dark. Super colorful, cute platformer that's also ridiculously difficult. Haven't gotten much further than Music Land, admittedly.
Ridge Racer Racing 1994 Yes
Ridge Racer was the big launch title for the PlayStation. It's super goofy, but all the Namco characters on the cars and tracks are cute, and if you beat the Galaga game while it's loading, you get even more cars to race. Basically the polar opposite of Gran Turismo.
Robotron X Arcade 1997 Yes
This one's fun in bursts. It's a 3D remake of Robotron, one of my favorite arcade games, but everything's a lot more chaotic and sloppy, and yet, slower. The robots respawn, which gets annoying.
Spyro the Dragon Platformer 1998 Partially
A bit embarrassed that I haven't gotten too far into this one, honestly. Spyro is adorable, and the worlds are absolutely huge and fun to explore. I will beat it at some point, I swear.
Tempest X3 SHMUP 1997 Yes
Remember when Tempest 2000 came out on the Jaguar and it looked amazing? They brought it to the PlayStation too, and I think it's actually better here. Hard as balls psychedelic tube shooter with some fantastic jungle music to fill the void.
Xevious 3D/G+ SHMUP 1997 Yes
This one's actually four different Xevious games in one (original, Super, Arrangement, 3D/G). The main attraction is a 3D remake Namco made with weapon powerups and all that good stuff, and I like it way more than the original Xevious.

If you wanna suggest games for me to get, let me know! I really need to expand my horizons, honestly (especially with RPGs).

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