My Quake Maps

I love Quake. It's big, it's spooky, it's 3D, but most importantly, I can make my own levels with it. It's like everything I liked about Doom editing, but none of the sector nonsense. Plus, I can put rooms over rooms now!

So here's some levels I've made. I've used pretty much every editor I can get my hands on, but I'm Worldcraft faithful. (BSP is pretty nice too though.) I'll be getting my hands on Half-Life in a few months, and I hear that comes with a new Worldcraft. Can't wait to see what Valve did with it, honestly.

Temple of the Strange (November 1997)

My first level! Yes, built it to learn Worldcraft. I really didn't have a clue what I was doing when I built it, hence all the texture mixing weirdness. That cage took me forever and it's honestly the best part.

Download Temple of the Strange (2.5mb)

The Drop (March 1998)

Made this one for a community thing over on QMap. Everyone was challenged to make a level like DM4, and there's a lot of really good ones in the full pack, ones that make mine look pretty pedestrian by comparison. But I still like mine. It's fun, and I got to play with weird shapes and doors moving around and wind tunnels.

Download The Drop (1.31mb)

Fluoroantimonic (June 1998)

Built in a single day, using BSP and Rubicon textures. It's a big tower of deadly acid, and it's kinda fun if you just run through it, or if you sneak through it, I guess.

Download Fluoroantimonic (473kb)

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